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Farm Design and Installation

A.Feed Preparation Machines

1. Machines of; Feed Mixer, Feed Grinder, Feed Crusher, Grass Shredder and Chopper for Beetroot etc

2. Feed Silos

3. Front and Back Loaders of Tractors


B. Manure Management

1.Manure Scraper, Manure Mixer, Manure Pump, Manure Separator

2. Trailers of Liquid Manure Spreader and Solid Manure Spreader.


C.Barn Equipments

1. Headlock(Feedlock), Freestall, Cattle Scratch Brush, Cattle Waterer, Cattle Rubber Mat, Cattle Cooling Ventilation, Calf Hutch, Cattle Crush, Cattle Weighing Scale


D. Milk and Milking Systems

1. Installation of Milking Parlour, Cooling Tank, Heat Exchanger, Milk Transfer Pump, Spare Parts and Consumables for Milking Parlour.


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